Historical Saturday Night Live ‘Shakeup’ Weeks Before Premiere Of 48th Season

NBC has yet to announce the Saturday Night Live season premiere date. However, if it sticks to the show’s recent pattern, it’ll likely be Oct. 1. But on the heels of at least four other cast departures, additional news comes just weeks ahead of Saturday Night Live’s premiere of its iconic 48th season. It has been reported that Melissa Villaseñor, Aristotle Athari, and Alex Moffat have been set to leave. Could this be the biggest shakeup in Saturday Night Live’s history? Will there be additional moves in this departure of cast and crew members? Melissa Villaseñor debuted on the show in 2016, bringing an assortment of impressions to the cast. Alex Moffat also joined the cast around the same time in 2016 bringing his portrayals of different characters to the show. Aristotle Athari joined the cast during the 2021-2022 season and is a relative newcomer to the cast. In addition to the already historical ‘Shakeup’ Kenan Thompson, who is about to begin his record 20th season on the show, said in July that ending the whole thing after that milestone “might not be a bad idea.”