Irv Gotti’s Beef with Singer Ashanti

Why is Irv Gotti constantly talking about a fling or relationship he had with Ashanti some 20 years ago? Would you agree that he could be talking about more relevant and “in the now” kind of news? Though he is no longer married to his then-wife at the time when all of these supposed intimate “goings ons” were happening, this doesn’t make him a “choir boy”. It’s not a good look. This only presents the shortcomings that you can’t be trusted from a relationship standpoint. If you were married at the time, I think I would keep my mouth shut and talk about some other things in life.

Judge Greg Mathis indicated that Ashanti should go after Irv Gotti in regard to this. If someone such as a Judge or perhaps a lawyer should mention something such as this, there is probably a relatively easy lawsuit to seek damages.

This started back when Irv Gottie saw Ashanti and Nelly on television at an NBA game. He indicated that he was hurt by this. Irv Gotti is claiming Ashanti’s hit song “Happy,” released in 2002, was written right after an intimate moment together. The two are no longer on speaking terms after Ashanti signaled in 2019 that she wanted complete control of her masters, and she has made efforts to re-record her albums after Gotti refused to hand over the master recordings. He claims their relationship together helped her career. But many fans think he ended her career over being bitter and hurt feelings.

So why are the statements coming out now? One fan said this, “Irv Gotti needs to stop using Ashanti’s name for clout, it’s been 20 years. MOVE ON BITTER BETTY. She didn’t want to be the side chick to a married man anymore. I wonder how his ex-wife (maybe) feels, she is the one who got dealt an awful hand”. Another fan said, “It’s crazy how he continues to tell on himself by admitting to things when it’s known that he was married during these escapades”. Who knows what to believe now, Gotti’s latest statements are inconsistent with others he made in the past, including those from a previous Wendy Williams interview where he said that he and Ashanti never had sex.

Drama is starting to unfold in this bitter 20 years ago, “who knows what to believe” scenario. Ashanti has not responded to any of Gotti’s ramblings. This remains to be seen how long this will last before any comments from Ashanti.